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with Basik the Cat

in April 2008 this song was used for the choreography at Bolshoi Theater (Moscow, Russia). The Choreographer Andrey Melanjin have chosen the track "Cat's Love Song" for his miniature in modern style. The vocal on this track was performed by my cat Basik and i made an arrangement.
Dancer: Andrei Bolotin.



"Favn variations" performed by Maria Alexandrova at Bolshoi Theatre, 2008
Choreography - Andrey Melanjin


This cat is an ethno-vocalist!

I also didn´t know this and it was by pure accident that I found out about it.

One day I was working as usual in my music studio in the Siberian village of Cheremshanka, when suddenly my musical research was interrupt by the sound of strange voices. Unexpected guests bounced screaming into the room. The first one was the neighbours´ cat Semyon, who was chased hot on the heels by my cat Basik. Without any explanation they began their improvisation session just in my studio. It remained for me only to put the microphone closer to them (at this moment I was recording a track with Cubase). The canto and soloist was Basik and Semyon performed a bass part with his picturesque snarl.

The jam session ended with a high-powered culmination (you can hear it clearly in the recording) in which this ethnic group was balling away from the studio into the street. Directly after I had listened to the new recording I was amazed by the richness of the result. The representatives of a very rare and unstudied kind of authentic folklore had just visited my studio on their own initiative and provided me with outstanding musical material. People who travel a lot in search of rare authentic ethnic music can understand my luck. I just did an arrangement, recorded some instruments and adapted the non-temperate scale of this kind of folklore a little bit by means of modern sound-microsurgery to make the sound more acceptable to the western listener.

Two years ago Basik left the physical world and got his fame only posthumously when the European label JARO published his song as the first track of a sampler "Russian Soul" in 2005. It´s a pity, that he left us in this untimely manner, without without the possibility of sharing his rich cultural heritage with any pupils. In honour of this unique vocalist Basik I propose the following experiment: let your pets - cats or dogs listen to this song and then put your comments about their reaction here.

Good luck!



Myspace Comments:

  • 3 years ago

    Hi VLADISWAR!Just wanted to let you know how my two cats [fergi-boy;mousie-girl/both fixed-formerly abandoned] reacted to 'THE SONG'' f' was in the litter box,'m' eatin';they stopped immediately,lookin' quite freaked out. i have never seen their ears go that far back'm' didnt move but  'f'  checked all around-the desk,the laptop,out the window. he put a paw on my leg and looked at me as if to say....'whhhaaatt da heck was dat, 'n wheres it comin' from?'i can find it fo' ya,jes' give me a minute' 'f' is on the chair restin'[sorta],'m' is in the other room,but very jumpy at the least little thing....very interesting experiment....we are all listenin' to your music and relaxin' i hope you are content,and enjoying the time.Pls.keep creatin'[as it comes to you],so your listeners can go on musical journeys with you-Trish

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    3 years ago
  • Emily Jones

    Hello Nadishana,

    I am amazed to find so many animal stories in relation Basik and Semyon's song! It is wonderful, also, to hear how this song came about. How fortunate you had this experience!

    One of the reasons I bought this album with "Cat's Love Song" is because of the reactions of my two feline friends. One of them in particular.

    Osiris and Merlin are my two friends. Both boys, both black, not really friends to each other but they tolerate sharing the same space. Merlin usually always reacts to music, all music. He is a musical cat and spends much time with me in my own studio.
    Osiris remains aloof most of the time. He does not have much care for this world.

    When I played your song, Osiris appeared out of thin air. He was fascinated! Just like in the other stories from your listeners, he stalked around looking for the cause. His eyes get very wide and he walks in circles. He cannot sit still! It is quite entertaining to watch him.
    He will get right in my face wondering if the sounds are coming from me in some fashion, which seems to amaze him.

    Merlin, the one who loves music, reacts as he always does. He will sit by my feet, close his eyes, and meditate. He has not told me what he is thinking, so I don't know.

    Normally I never call Osiris, he would not come anyway. But it is interesting that if I play "Cat's Love Song" he will come to listen no matter where he is.

    Cheers to Baski's memory! Cats all over the world are hearing his legacy.

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    4 years ago

    I must say .. playing this music of your cat's love song has clearly upset my kitty Isis !!

    she sleeps in a little basket right next to the computer , and now is all worried looking . ; )

    I had to turn off the song, and am currently re-assuring her, .. so that she can calm down a bit !

    cheers ~ Josie

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    4 years ago
  • celene

    Yesterday I was listening to Cat's Love Song when suddenly my mama cat came running into my room to see what was going on. She was so curious to determine where those other cat voices were coming from. It was pretty funny. Thanks for the VERY creative song :)

    4 years ago
  • Curiouser and Curiouser…

    Hi my two female cats will sit and listen intently to Basik's vocals. They don't seem disturbed by him, just curious, with ears rotating in all directions. One of them (Puss) will call back to him occasionally, although she is very much a loner and doesn't like other cats at all. God bless the little fellow Basik, I am sorry he is no longer with us, his soul lives on in his music. I love your music , by the way and have tried to buy cd's, but myspace error messages keep messing it up for me. Will keeptrying, kind regards, Ruth xx

    4 years ago
    • Curiouser and Curiouser…

      Basik is truly a love god. After listening to his dulcet tones, my cat, Puss, kept backing up to me, offering herself all afternoon, like she was on heat, whenever I tried to stroke her. She won't thank me for telling you this by the way! Ruth xx

      4 years ago
  • Fini Be blessed little

    Hello! It's a pity, that Basik was leaving this world so soon! "Cat's love song" is the only one human-made-song, i react on. I love it! =Fini the cat=

    4 years ago
  • Marcia France

    My cat (puss) spun her head so quickly to see where the vocals were coming from and started standing on her back legs to get a better view of Basik!
    When I approached her, she scratched me, so not sure if she thought I was hiding another cat behind the speakers!

    It's a great song and I play it often - mainly when my cat is out:)

    4 years ago
  • Rebel.B.

    First of all, I Realy love the song.

    i had listend to the song a couple of times before i went to some of my friends to let them hear this ammazing song.

    They own 2 cats. the moment i put the track on those 2 cats went bezerk. They started runngin around looking for "the other cat". and me and my friend had a realy fun time seeing those furry creatures going crazy:).

    i'm a musician myself (drummer/percussionst) and i realy like experimenting with sounds.everything i hear is music and rythem for me.

    so i hope to record the sound of my 2 cats sone time and if its nice. i will start to make it into a song.

    when that time arrives i will let you know.

    let me finish by saying That i realy enjoy your music. and i hope you wil come to the netherlands in the near future.


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    4 years ago
  • Eric Win'

    Cats are always full of lessons that us, humans,
    we can learn... :o)

    Also an other side ot their personnalities wich is really
    interresting in music, is the purring....
    An experimental musician has made a work on this subject
    ( free to listening ) on

    But in any event, the way in which you had integrated the songs
    of the cats in your music is a very interesting challenge,
    and perfectly successful….

    Virtual cherish for all the cats of the planet.

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    5 years ago
  • Benjamin Heim

    My cat Bali is now in lust for Basik.
    She is a very dynamic vocalist for a cat.~ they'd fight....hard....and love it-

    5 years ago
  • Beverly Seagoddess.Art…

    Mu cat just freaked out! :) Amazing stuff!!!

    5 years ago
  • The Real Mystic Monk of…

    My older cat, 7 years old and my baby cat (about 3 months old), always come running whenever I play the song and they're looking all over the house for Basik LOL. I'd try to record my felines, but the baby chewed my computers microphone cord into pieces and I have yet to get a new one.

    Love this song, and such a shame Basik made it to the spirit world so soon.

    5 years ago
  • delicate little flower

    all 9 of my cats perked up their ears and flickered their tails in approval - and so did i

    5 years ago

    My DOG ONYX is too funny! I have this song on my profile, every time she hear's this song her ears perk up and she sings along (HOWL'S). She is a CAT CHASER...BUT love's to hear the song....She will also sit next to me and nudge my arm to play it 4 her. She is sheperd, collie mix. We luv this crazy dog! SHE IS A MUST SEE.....

    5 years ago
  • Mellotroner

    I like the voices from the cats. My cat got scared and went out from the kitchen (from where the sound came from). He sat at the stairway, ready to runin any direction neccesary. I tried to call him back, with no success whatsoever. When I got up and walked to the stairway he looked suspicious at me and ran up to second floor, whatching me and wathing my moves.

    5 years ago
  • Fire in Belly Dance co

    I was listening to Cat's Love Song for the first time when, my cat Django came running into the room. Basik's beautiful feline voice stirred up such a strong passion in him. He clawed his way onto my lap and I think he was trying to figure out how to get inside my computer. I recently listened to it again and my other cat Pita (Pain in the ass) was also extremely fascinated by that song. I think they are both in love with Basik. They want me to thank you for making music that non-humans can enjoy as well.

    Joy of FITB

    5 years ago
  • Rainy

    My calico cat Basil:

    I sat her on the edge of the bed near where the computer desk was. The moment the song started her eyes got super dialated. Her ears were pricked up and turning in all directions, and in the first few moments she kept turning her head all around real fast. After that I think she realized where it was coming from and kept her attention directed towards me and the computer. Once the cat's voice became altered and the music started playing with it, she seemed to calm a bit. She laid down and her pupils returned to normal, and her ears would still turn a bit. Although, when she heard the cats fighting sounds she became attentive again,looked a little worried and her pupils dialated once more. She made an ugly face.....if cats can make ugly faces...ha ha. But other than that, for the duration of the song, she looked really calm, and actually started to fall asleep just before the song was over. What I'm really curious to know, is how she would react if she hadn't been spayed.

    My white shnauzer Abby:

    She made a quick bark at the very begining of the song. For the rest of the song she just sat there staring at me all wide eyed and looking a bit worried.

    With both pets, playing the song for them again did not have quite the same effect. Though the cat would still prick her ears up and around and look a little disturbed by the part with the cats fighting sounds. The dog just ignored it.

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    5 years ago
  • KK

    Thank you so much for adding the story behind the song. I have five cats and as soon as the music starts they start running around with their eyes big and ears perked up. They run towards me and my computer first and then to the windows, they look at each other, as if to say "is that you?" and then 2 of the females get up on the highest thing they can find, while the others run around from room to room. They seem to all, 1 nuetered male and 4 females become very much on alert for some time after the music stops. The least sound makes them jump. I had to take the song off my myspace page to keep from causing them stress."Mittens", who you see on Myspace has an immune disorder which is slowly destroying her throat and gums. Stress seems to make it worse. If anyone out there has or has had a cat with this problem, I would love to hear from you.
    Personally, I think Basik (RIP) and Semyon are wonderful artists (with some help from your microsurgery. Hope someday someone will translate cat language for us all.

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    5 years ago
  • Marcie

    Well done, Vlad! My cat Cleo immediately bounded into the room as soon as this song started playing. She wasn't able to pinpoint exactly where the cat call was coming from, so she went to the window to see what the fuss was about. She was still sitting there well after the song ended. I played the song again high volume, and this attracted both her my other cat, Enkidu.

    This an amazing experiment! I love how you manipulated the cat calls to create the melody. Hats off to you Basik, wherever you are!


    5 years ago
  • Garlic Pixy

    The first time Choo heard Basik's vocals she was really troubled and seemed sure there was another cat on HER territory. Her ears went pointy and her whiskers moved about. She was definately unsettled and was really looking for him. The second time she was still interested but not for so long and soon curled up on the sofa again

    6 years ago
    • Natania Rogers

      i recorded my cat on video while listening to this song.. it was hilarious.

      she was calmly taking her cat nap, then i played this song and she jumped up and stared at me, she thought the noise was coming out of me! my computer was right infront of me tho, so she was aiming in the right direction. but then she got more curious and started wondering around my room. she went up on the window sill and looked out. no, not there she thought. then she jumped down and went under my bed, then sh

      6 years ago
  • Nicky

    I find that my male cats little ears stand on end and then he runs around trying to find the noise of the music and often confronts my other cat- the female cat (although he is nuted)..(had the snip) then they both run around togeter with their ears pointed forward miaowing as if to find another cat on their territory! It is funny to watch and it is a fantastic song ( if not for the cats but me as well- i can tell my cats just love it! x

    6 years ago
  • Coco-de-mer

    my cat is busy looking for the lion in the house! hehe

    6 years ago
  • Katherine

    OK so i played this song, and i had all four of my cats race to my room and their tails were all fluffy and their backs were up and they were pretty much freaking out.

    6 years ago
  • Ugochill



    I have here at home one very swee female Cat.The Moment this song started she came towards speaker lloking COMPLETELY FUNNY and confused.

    She was lika haaa ,whas going on?


    Very Funny.


    It took her around 15 minutes before she wasn't again completely relaxed.




    6 years ago

    Thank you very much guys for helping me in my scientific research! 

    6 years ago
  • Cheryl Gunter

    Upon first playing the song, my three cats came running into my room.  The oldest, Bobcat, jumped onto the desk, searching everywhere...behind the monitor, through the window, around the speaker, behind the moniter again!  Frankie, who happens to be declawed, seems rather tense when the song is playing.  If only we could translate the awesome vocals by his little kitty soul.

    6 years ago
  • V van B

    At the first time, my cat was really interessed by the song. It's really rare because is a zen and lazy cat! (check the picture!) To move her ears is not insignifiant for him! ;-) But he's very wise and inteligent too: at the second time, I have to make playback with my mouth for interests again. A great thanks because I was already a witch for him ( I can open the refrigerator, the doors, the windows, make noise with this terrifying guitar  etc) and now, I can speak the language cat... Better, I speak with two voices at the same time! Now, I'm god for him!


    6 years ago
  • kristina Årling

    My cats got totally crazy searching around the speakers for this possible new mate...ears sticking out all directions of exitement and curiosity!!I actually used the sounds of my two cats eating (though rearranged, so that no one would hear the origin of the sound) for a sound installation to the "Vagina Monologues" (by Eve Ensler) in Basel a couple of years ago.Worked really well, and people got VERY curious to know how on earth this sound came to be recorded, but I never revealed the simple and chaste secret...Keep on cats!Kris

    6 years ago
  • throuRoof

    hi Vlad!!very interesting cat Vera(..a lovely fuckin bitch!) it's more interested to meet Basik..She was searching near the speakers where is her stallion!!!if she's in love for Basik there'some problem for the distance..but if we come in Italy Basik have a girlfriend!!!Buenavida a te..


    6 years ago
  • The Comitatus

    Very cool! My dog flipped out thinking there was a cat in the house and went barking into every corner... so I brought her in to record her reaction but she got mic shy.... maybe in a day I'll try once more and mp3 you the file. Best, Louise -- Comitatus

    6 years ago
  • Andrea Gerak

    Wow, amazing result!

    For me, it wouldn't work: the only pets I have around me is the fish in the freezer...

    6 years ago
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